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The Childrite™ seat measures 10.5 inches across in width and the depth from the interior edge of the pommel to the center back is 10 inches. Height of the seat measures 11.5 inches from the deepest point of the scooped seat to the top of the seat back.

The Child Rite Seat was designed to meet the needs of both children and their families. It is:

  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Portable (with one hand)
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of a soft comfortable foam material
  • The seat is a great option for many children who have special needs. It allows children to be on the floor with their family and peers, with a nice balance between stability and freedom and perfect for family and peer-level socialization.

    The Childrite seat promotes appropriate positioning and a "natural" sitting experience without the use of peripherals. This allows some children to work on upper extremity reaching and trunk rotation activities while feeling secure in their seated position.

    Since the design of the chair minimizes the thrust that accompanies postural adjustments for so many children with spasticity, the child's hands are relaxed and free to learn the 'finger plays' and other movements while they engage in songs, stories and supervised play. It also gives the child a great, natural opportunity to work on head and upper body control, because they don't have to fight against their own excessive movements.

    As many parents are concerned if their child will “fit”, we understand your concerns and want to share that we are aware of children weighing up to 70 pounds and 12 - 13 years old that are using the Childrite. However, to ease your concerns even more, we do offer a 30 day return policy on the product in case the Childrite seat does not fit your particular child.

If you are outside the USA please contact us for a shipping quote at sales@mackananllc.com. We ship anywhere in the world:

Soft foam seat helps special needs children by providing a therapy chair and a supportive place to sit.
Warning - For floor level use only. Never use in a car or bath tub. Never leave child unattended. Seat is not a restraint and is for therapeutic use only.    More information


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